girls tennis gains players for season

emily sherill, features editor

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Between last season and the current one, the girl’s tennis team grew by 13 members. Last season, there were 22 girls, eight of them seniors.
Kyle Black, who has been coaching the girl’s tennis team for 2 years, is excited about the new roster.
“We have a lot of girls—freshmen—who haven’t played before, so they’ve been out there working hard. It’s always exciting to see someone who’s playing for the first time to where they’re at by the end of the year.”
Aside from improving in games, the tennis team hopes to improve in all aspects.
Julie Johnson, a junior on varsity, intends to improve not only her own skills but those of her teammates. “In practices, we’ve been developing all our skills more and I’m excited to see the outcome of our hardwork.”
According to Johnson, a good team consists of a great group of players and coaches.
“A great team needs to be supportive and encouraging,” Johnson said, “Both of our coaches, coach Sani and coach Black, always push us to do our best and develop new skills.”
Black intends to continue improving the team.
“We had a lot of growth and we want to build off of that and be a little bit better than we were last time.”
Although Black hopes to improve the team’s skills, he also hopes to provide a fun experience for the girls.
“I hope that can make the tennis team fun and I can get a good amount of girls out there and help them learn to really love tennis.”

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