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Jackson Lapp
Hello, I am Jackson, and Journalism is something I joined because it looked like a fun activity for my senior year. Needless to say, I was right. I love everyone on the staff here, and I know many good times are ahead for me. However, this year, I have developed such a severe case of senioritis that I am being tested on by two master surgeons, a priest, and a rabbi. They are doing everything to save me but it is to no avail. Turning in work is so last year Jackson.

Not all is grim for me, however. I am very busy with extracurriculars, including Scholastic Bowl, math team, tutoring, and even my own club, Tabletop games club. Each of these has helped Senior year be the most fun and diverse year of high school for me, and I have been working hard to balance these out with my academics.

Jackson Lapp, Staff Writer

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