Are School Uniforms Necessary?

James Dralle, Staff Contributing Writer

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At a young age, we are taught that the way you dress symbolizes the way you are. You buy clothes that YOU like, t-shirts that you find appealing, colors you find amusing to your eye. School uniforms limit this, and almost restrain you and your general liking of what you like to wear.
Through our lives, we are taught the general message of “express yourself “. The idea of wearing a school uniform goes against the message that most of us were always taught growing up: be yourself
Public schools do not require school uniforms. Just about everyone has the usual look, a graphic t-shirt, some form of pants, (joggers, skinny jeans, khakis etc.) and a pair of casual shoes. When someone dresses a bit nicer, like a fitted shirt and well-tailored pants, we find it odd, since most of us were never forced to dress like this.
The positive side of wearing a school uniform is that it teaches responsibility at a very young age. The message being that you need to abide by the dress code they’re given, and if you go against this you will be penalized. This implies almost a code, something they soon follow without even thinking about. Another general message is “dress for success” Meaning, if you dress in a formal manner, you are building up to success.
In general opinion, most would rather be in a school where the students are dressed, more formal then casual. We tend to act more mature during this manner, in a way it’s even professional, making it an even better learning environment. The image it projects is a more formal and mature manner.
Overall, we don’t need school uniforms because we express our self through our clothing.

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