Fine Dining & Breathing: RQ Barbeque

Matt Hehl and Brandon Smith

This month the “Fine Dining & Breathing” crew took a trip over to RQ Barbeque in Plainfield. The barbeque joint, which opened just a few years ago, offers all kinds of tasty menu options.
I ordered the burnt end bowl and Brandon went with the pulled pork sandwich. Paired with a drink and a basket full of curly fries you can’t possibly go wrong. What truly makes RQ BBQ special is its assortment of sauces that are available to choose from in any quantity you wish. Of all the sauces, I enjoyed “sweetness” the most (whether or not the name is a nod to Walter Payton is unknown)
The place wasn’t exactly packed, but to be fair we purposefully went at two in the afternoon, so heavy traffic wasn’t expected. Assorted classic rock played in the background, a couple flat screen TVs were set up in the dining area, and the place smelled great (who doesn’t enjoy the smell of ribs cooking? Well, maybe vegans…)
Price-wise it isn’t McDonalds but it isn’t insanely expensive either. They offer a $1 wing deal and a $6 lunch special menu for those who want the full experience without it hurting your wallet. I know I certainly got my money’s worth (I still have half of a bag of fries in my backseat)
Overall, it was yet another great culinary experience! RQ Barbeque can be found near the corner of Black Rd. and Rt. 59. Open 11am-9pm every day!