March madness benefits basketball teams

Ryan Murray, Online EIC & Sports Editor

America is in the heart of March Madness with over 70 million brackets filled this month. Yet a lot of people think that the fascination of college basketball predictions is bad. There are many reasons to disagree with the brackets, yet there are also many reasons to support this month of madness.

First it is about pride. Many people that fill out brackets with co-works, friends, or family are engaged in healthy competition. When they do it is for pride, and sometimes yes there is money involved but it doesn’t have to be. Many students and staff simply play for the fun of watching who advances.

Since most of March is still winter and this year March has been freezing cold filling out a bracket for the tournament gives people something to do until the weather warms up. Everyone is cooped up inside it is nice to be able to not only watch basketball, but get involved in the game because people have already picked someone to win.

Also, a lot of celebrities participate in tournament challenges that are open to the public, and they don’t have an age limit on their entrees which allows anyone of any age to enter. If people thought it was bad for teenagers to fill out a bracket, then they would have put an age restrictions on it.

People may think that if teens do fill out a bracket they will like the rush of gambling and want to keep doing it. Yes that could happen, but many other addictive games, product and foods are out there. If someone eats fast food when they are sixteen, does that mean that person will have addiction to fast food when they are 25? Not exactly.

Many people say that March is one of the best times of the year just because of the NCAA tournament. Let’s face the facts the tournament would not nearly be as interesting as it is now. People who never watch basketball watch games in March because of their brackets. Getting rid of teenagers filling out brackets would be one of the worst things to happen to the game of college basketball because teens who continue to follow college teams are a big portion of the fanbase that support the spirit of the game.