Cubby Corner: Who will be the leadoff man?

Ryan Murray, Sports Editor and Online Online EIC

Spring training 2017 is almost over the Cubs answered the big question of who is going to be the leadoff man. That man is left fielder and power hitter Kyle Schwaber. Now the question is how will Schwaber do in this leadoff spot?
Schwaber has a lot of people scratching their headon why is he in the leadoff spot. Since playing for the Cubs in the major league Schwaber mainly hit in the two spot, so really he is not making a drastic change in the lineup. Also, Schwaber is a power hitter, so if he hits a homerun or gets a triple or double to start off the game that sends a message to the pitcher that this is not going to be no walk in the park. Hitting behind Schwaber is Kris Byrant, the reigning National League MVP. Behind him is Anthony Rizzo, one of the league’s best first basemen.
The batting order for the Cubs is full of homerun hitters. Defensively the Cubs are also one of the best teams in the MLB. In 2016 they had two gold glove winners in Rizzo at first base and Jayson Heyward at right field. The other players are also outstanding fielders. Javier Baez is very smooth in the field, though sometimes he does try to be too fancy with just a simple ground ball. Addison Russell will win at least three gold gloves in his career. He may not be the best at the plate, he make plays in the field.
What makes the Cubs great is that they are such a well-rounded team, which makes it difficult to try to find a way to beat them. Don’t be surprised if you see many of these current Cubs players in the Hall of Fame 20 years from now.