Girls head golf coach shares season expectations

Jack Leach, Sports Editor

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Q: One word to describe this season. Why?

A: “Energetic. The girls feel this year is their year to beat records and advance to regionals and sectionals, and practice has been nothing short of friendly motivation and thrills. We like to have mini competitions during practice to hype the girls for their match days. So far, the extra energy seems to be paying off.”

Q: What are the expectations for this season?

A: “The girls obviously want to do their best and set records for the program, but my goal is to give them an experience they will cherish and use for the future. It’s important, in any sport really, to teach athletes there is more than one kind of winner. There are objective winners of the game, but to win also means to compete with humility and compassion for everyone on and off the field. This is something we try to work at in many aspects of life, not just in golf.”

Q: Any golfers that have a chance to qualify for playoffs?

A: “Yes. Every member of our varsity squad has a chance to qualify for regionals and sectionals this year. I have a talented group of girls! It really comes down to who practices the most often outside of our regular practices and who truly works at her short game. These two components will place the girls in a great spot to qualify.”

Q: How do you prepare your golfers for matches/tournaments?

A: “I hold summer practice days once a week for an hour in the summer. The girls are able to schedule practice at their own time, and many compete in summer tournaments. This is crucial since our season starts before the first day of school. During the season the team and I focus primarily on the short game through competitions, on course practice, and regular drill work. I stress the girls should seek private coaches if they have trouble with their long game.”

Q: Where do you guys practice?

A: “Wedgewood. Unfortunately, we share with four other teams, so the course is pretty hectic and practice space is limited.”

Q: Thoughts about the new uniforms.

A: “We actually just received new ones this year. We were able to fundraise so the girls can receive extra equipment and apparel throughout the year as well.”

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Girls head golf coach shares season expectations