USA rises up against natural disasters

Alexis Polizzi, Photography Editor

The United States and surrounding countries have been hit by numerous natural disasters in the last several months. These tropical storms such as Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria are leaving the cities in shambles. Organizations from all over the country joined together in an effort to help relieve the suffering the residents are going through. Celebrities such as J.J. Watt raising over thirty-seven million dollars towards the victims. The Plainfield Community is also one of those willing to put efforts to help with said cause.

“It started with t-shirts and then people just wanted to donate, so we began donations during lunch periods,” said Katherine Grobeli, senior. This was just the beginning of the local community getting involved.

Hunter Goorsky, senior, said, there are plans to contribute to the other natural disasters, but nobody wants to take away from their first area of focus: Houston. Their efforts did not fall short, raising over $2000 dollars, for the Austin Diaper Foundation.

“It’s super important to help, even in such a small community like Plainfield because most adults in Plainfield know what it felt like. The tornado that hit Plainfield in the eighties was devastating and it was those small communities that helped us,” said Samantha Scanlan, teacher and organizer for this event.

The community all together has built up an effort to relieve the damages caused by Harvey. The PSHS student body not falling behind either.

Grobeli stated, not only did students rise up and donate. Students like Olivia Luna, Justin Graiber, and Spiro Athanasiou, and many more donated their time and efforts during lunch periods to help with donations. Many organizations, teamed up to help the victims as well.

Big corporations such as Walmart teamed up with celebrity Ellen DeGeneres to donate one million dollars to the J.J Watt Foundation, a foundation that overall contributed 37 million dollars to the cause.

These recent disasters, left many towns in shambles. All the efforts to raise money, will have hopefully caused some relief to the victims.