South student embraces love for photography


Alexis Polizzi, Photography Editor

Good memories can be hard to capture, even with the high tech phones that crop resize, and reimage. PSHS, has Taylor Sears, a football manager, who has a passion and natural talent for photography that opens the school to a new level of media.
“It started the summer of eighth grade going into freshman year, and while I was taking Photography 1 with Ms. Twohill last year,” said Sears.
“I loved photography 1 with Ms.Twohill. She is really supportive and loves helping everyone. She inspired my business,” Sears said. Sears said everything she learned in photo 1 helped make her into who she is.
“Just seeing all the pictures after a game is nice, it’s a memory of all the hard work we do,” said Brandon Poulos, sophomore football player. She seems to make a lot of great bonds with the football team and their families.
William Bicker, English teacher and head coach of the varsity football stated, Sears has a great relationship with the team, due to the amount of time she spends with them. Also, with taking the players photos, she creates a bond with them while sharing the photos with them and their families.
Every talented individual however has struggles of their own.
“One thing I do a lot is overload myself with work, and sometimes I don’t feel like I can finish it all, it always gets done though,” said Sears. For Sears, a good balance between the work she does and how she deals with pressure is very important.
“Sears does a great job with balancing both of those. It’s an important skill for someone to have especially for what she does. Not only does she take photos for the school but also for her business TNS Photography,” Bicker said.
Sears said, that her business started last summer and has included her taking senior portraits, prom and homecoming pictures, and other various types of work. Her hard work has proven how she has gotten better as a photographer in all.
Sears known for the copious amounts of work she does for not only the school but other types of work though her business. She plans on continuing photography, as she has found a deep rooted passion for it.