Art Spotlight: Stephanie Burns acts as a model of optimism and dedication


Alexis Polizzi, Photography Editor

High school in itself is a difficult task: homework, projects, and sometimes learning a new language. Some students participate in activities that are focused both inside and out of school, such as band.
Doing so requires skills that help maintain the balance between the two, and Stephanie Burns, sophomore, juggles both in a noticeable way.

“Being in Wind Symphony, playing Clarinet, along with other honors classes as well, you have to remain motivated to do more, always willing to take an extra step,” Burns said.
Even with her huge workload, she still keeps a level head both inside and out of band.

“Knowing Stephanie from JV badminton last year, and having her in my English II Honors class year, I’ve learned a lot about her,” Hannah Christie, English teacher said. “She works hard and balances things very well.”

Burns already possesses aspirations for her future.

She hopes to take a class such as AP music theory. This is a part of trying to reach her goal of participating in college marching bands and ensembles while pursuing a degree in music education.
“When she has her mind set on something she always keeps it in font of her and never gives up,” Becca Gardner, junior, said. “She is always one to look at the bigger picture rather than the tiny one.”

Her ambition and drive allows her to utilize skills in all her academic endeavors.

“The focus that she takes from the band room is definitely something she brings to class every day. Her hard work and desire to learn has made her an excellent student, and athlete in and out of school,” Christie said.