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Star Wars Battlefront II, beyond the controversy

Jon Otero, Staff Writer

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Many Americans enjoy Star Wars, from the movies to the books to the games. The most recent installment to the game franchise, Battlefront II, is a mess. Setting aside the loot box scandal, it’s still questionable if the game is actually good.

It starts off well, bringing in story missions, known as a campaign mode in muliplayer games, which the previous game did not have. That being said, the story is kind of a mixed bag. The story consist of a Emperial special force commander, Iden Versio, changing sides after seeing the Empire take horrible actions towards their supporters.

In theory this sounds possible but realizing Iden is a special force commander for the Empire, and the Empire has committed horrible crimes in the past, this change seems forced.
If players can ignore that, the game is actually pretty good. Introducing funny new characters and also bringing the old characters into play, the short game manages to entertain and redeem itself from the horrendous campaign intro.

Another great advantage to the game is multiplayer. As imagined, Dice once again creates a fun and beautiful experience bringing new maps and a better class system.
The new class system is not completely new since it resembles Dice’s Battlefield class system.

The system keeps the card mechanism from the previous installment and adds four classes: assault, your basic trooper, heavy, the tank class, bringing bigger guns and protection, officer, or support, helps fellow team mates with buffs and scout, which is the sniper.

Each class has their own unique weapons and cards, allowing players to preform to his liking and make them find their own style, no style been stronger in customization abilities. Not only that, players can also win points in game, where they can spend them to use stronger unique character or heroes and vehicles creating a unique experience each game.
Dice finally added space battles, which were not in the first game. This new mode is by far the best part of the game. Having the same class system but with space ships and smooth controls, making gamers feel like a space pilot.

Overall, Dice made a decent game. It could use some improvements but still, Star Wars Battlefront II is awesome.

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Star Wars Battlefront II, beyond the controversy