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Student Spotlight: Ariana Jimenez, dancing queen

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Student Spotlight: Ariana Jimenez, dancing queen

Dani Gonzalez, Editorial and Opinion Editor

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Test scores and GPAs are not the only attributes of a dedicated student.  Volunteer work and extracurricular can demonstrate time management and multitasking, and sophomore Ariana Jimenez shows it all.

“I’m on the Cougarettes JV dance team.  I’m also involved in Student Ambassadors, Cougar Buddies and Student Council,” Jimenez said.  In addition to her busy after school schedule, Jimenez is in all honors and AP classes.

“I think she knows how to manage her time very well. She not only dances for PSHS, but also at another dance company, and she creates a good balance between both of those while also being a student,” said JV dance coach, Stephanie Germann.

“It can definitely be difficult at times, but it just takes good balancing of priorities. For example, you have to use your study halls when you can, sometimes even lunch, breaks at practice and any extra free time you have to do all your work,” said Jimenez.

Outside South she is a dancer in Revolution Dance Company, an explorer in the Plainfield Police Explorer program, and a player of the guitar. With so much going on, Jimenez often turns to dance to help express herself.

“One of my routines is really intense while another is emotional. Also, one of my other routines is a very hopeful dance about taking the road less traveled. I get to express all the different parts of me in these routines, and it is a really good stress reliever after a long day,” said Jimenez.

“If Ariana chooses to pursue dance in her life, I have no doubt she will excel in whatever she chooses. She shows tremendous diversity when she dances, being able to shift from slow to hard-hitting movements, and that’s something that could take her far,” said Germann.

Jimenez has plans to attend an ivy league school and eventually become a corporate attorney.
Jimenez stressed not losing sight of the importance of family and friends, as these relationships are just as important to her as her future goals.

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Student Spotlight: Ariana Jimenez, dancing queen