Art Spotlight: Kaiden Clemens refreshing “Just Do It” mindset about getting involved

Jackson Lapp, Staff Writer

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Every year many freshmen join different clubs and activities to meet new people or to grow an already existing passion. No matter how many activities they enter, it is still nerve-racking to join a new group of people. However, due to his diverse list of skills, freshman Kaiden Clemens always has a good time meeting new people.

Clemens plays flute for band and, while recounting about early high school band experiences, he said, “I was really glad I did this whole experience, because I made so many friends and strengthened some friendships. I even let go of some friendships that needed to be let go of, and marching band came out to be an overall positive experience for me.”

Even when meeting so many new people from different middle schools, he still had a great time.

Clemens also participates in Tabletop Games Club and has a knack for writing interesting characters for the game Dungeons and Dragons.

“I usually write my characters as the story moves along. Creativity isn’t limited to what you say in one moment, you need to be thinking on the fly. Like, when a giant panther was on top of me, that didn’t turn out too well, so I learned from it,” Clemons said.
Dungeons and Dragons is a game that is seemingly perfect for players like Clemens: creative and witty people that love having a good time.

“I’d say that the improvisation required is what I really like. Comedy has always been something that I have liked, and it allows me to implement that,” he said when asked about what is the most artistically stimulating to him.

Being a male flute player has been know as difficult, as there are plenty of stereotypes surrounding the instrument. Kaiden has lived through the difficulties of playing the flute as a male, and has offered some advice to combat this: “A little piece of advice for everyone who is afraid to do something for what people may say: just do it. Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Just. Do it.”

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