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Jackson’s Dice Roll: Gluttonous Wax

Jackson Lapp, Staff Writer

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As society grows, it seems that we are shifting towards an attitude that says “corporate, with a conscience.” Companies like Yankee Candle seem to thrive at the center of this attitude, as they give money to cancer research, military families, and much more. People like to buy from a company that encourages the wellness of everyone.
The only problem is they don’t. Yankee Candle is a company filled with copious amounts of corporate greed and soulless money grubbing. All it took was to create a recognizable brand name with many fun colors and scents, and the public was hooked.
The main problems with Yankee Candle’s candles, reside in their incredibly low-quality products and lack of scent in each candle. Look no further than where the candle connoisseur who goes under the name Charlie, expresses his quality concerns.
In his article “Why Yankee Candles Suck!” Charlie says, “I can no longer deny the fact that at least half of the Yankee Candles I’ve recently purchased have offered zero to miniscule scent throw even in the tiniest of rooms.” He further lambasts this horrid company, by saying, “The latest candle in question is their Mountain Lake scent. It literally smells like nothing when burning. It’s just a big blue wax scentless candle.”
Even its consumers are starting to catch on. One reviewer, after ordering five candles, wrote, “When the bΦx arrived there was no packing in the box and glass was everywhere. One candle was shattered and several were dented in the tops. Yankee refused to take the box back and refused to take a refund.”
Another reviewer said, “[I] bought [two] Yankee Candles in December and was horrified to see thick black soot coming from them and there was a disgusting smell [I have] never had this problem before.”
These accounts reveal a very dark side of Yankee Candle to the candle sniffing community. Hopefully now these unfortunate victims of corporate greed will realize there are better candle companies out there, and, in turn, destroy this gluttonous wax maker, for the good of candlekind.

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Jackson’s Dice Roll: Gluttonous Wax