Fine Dining and Breathing: Noodles “Pho” You

River Finnegan, News & Feature Editor, Online EIC

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Noodles “Pho” U is a high quality Vietnamese restaurant that serves a variety of food ranging from traditional Vietnamese dishes to classic Chinese dishes.
When one walks in one is greeted by an artificial waterfall and an aesthetic that is typical of most Asian restaurants. The lighting was most likely set to make the atmosphere more relaxed; however, this attempt was drowned out by the odd music choices that consisted of The Backstreet Boys, George Michael, Los Del Rio, and other popular 80s musicians. While I enjoy this music, it was an odd pairing to the restaurant setting.
We ordered Vietnamese fried spring rolls that came with a sweet dipping sauce. They were perfectly fried and the filling was well seasoned with cilantro, mushrooms, and other vegetables. They also offer smoothies and an assortment of different teas to pair with a meal.
For my meal I ordered the Combination Bowl Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese version of ramen, but is more like a soup. In the soup there was rice noodle, barbecued pork, squid, crab meat, and shrimp. They also offer toppings that can be placed in the soup according to preference: bean sprouts, jalapeño slices, lettuce, and lime slices.
The soup broth was the best part of the meal, laced with lime, cilantro, and chicken flavors. However, the crab meat was a bit mushy and had an unenjoyable texture.
Service was a bit impersonal; however, the waiter was usually quick at bringing our food and check.
For dessert we ordered ice cream mochi. Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert where a filling is wrapped in rice flour paste. I ordered the strawberry flavor and it was the perfect, sweet ending to a warm and filling meal.
I would recommend Noodles “Pho” U to anyone who’s craving a bowl of warm soup, enjoys food that’s filled with flavors one doesn’t usually experience daily, or appreciates good food at a reasonable prices ranging from $8-$15.
Noodles “Pho” U has locations in Naperville, Lombard, and Bolingbrook.

Top: The tradition Vietnamese soup, Pho, served with a plate of extra bean spouts, lettuce, and lime. Bottom: The stir fried vegetable cover the thick rice noodles.

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