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Q&A with campus monitor Steve

Jordan McClendon, Staff Writer

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Q: What do you plan to do when you are done working here at Plainfield south high school?
A: hopefully that’s not going to be for a long time, but when it is as soon as my wife is ready to retire we have a place down in Florida. I’m going to retire in cocoa beach Florida. That’s what I’m going to do when I’m done hear I’m going to be seventy years old in three years she younger than I am, so when we are both ready to retire, I’ll be in Florida. I’ll probably be working down there for a food store, packing groceries.
Q: what makes you come to Plainfield south every day is it because of the staff?
A: You guys. But I like the staff too. the staff is always great. I retired 17 years ago, came here basically when the doors opened this place is what keeps me coming back We’ve got the best staff and students out of the three high schools, I love coming up here. When the students aren’t here this place is empty and we just have to kill a couple of hours its boring and I lose my mind. When the students are here it’s fun; I like the interaction. And that’s what keeps me coming back is the students. Watching the students from being freshmen to the seniors.
Q: what is your absolute favorite thing to in life?
A: well, now that I’ve gotten older, it’s pretty much just lying on the beach in the sun. If I can do it and surf, I’m a surfer. But normally during the day I’m working. when I get home at night me and my wife have dinner and we watch a little bit of tv. That’s pretty much our evening.
Q: Did you have any previous goals set out for you when you were a kid?
A: when I was, Eighth grade there was no doubt I was going to be a police man, there was no doubt in my mind that’s what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a police man and that didn’t change from the minute I decided it till I got on the job. I knew I was going to go into law enforcement and that’s what I did, I spent thirty years doing that. And when I retired I was fifty-one years old, I was to young to just sit at home this job came open there was no way I was turning this job down. It’s a great job I got interact with all the students.
Q: what is your favorite movie?
A: the god father one and two it’s a complex story of not just the mob or the various different things about organized crime, I worked on a crime task force I used to follow mob guys around back in the seventy’s names people would have no idea who they are. I would follow them around with a friend of mine who was a state trooper and two FBI guys they got me hooked up because I was the only Italian out of the three guys out of the four of us. It is a complex story there’s so much involved there’s so many levels and layers on it the violence isn’t as much as everybody thinks it is, the way it’s done and the intensity and it’s just so riveting I need things blowing up I don’t need action and adventure like that. It is a well told and well-acted story one and two are exactly that.

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Q&A with campus monitor Steve