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Paws or Claws: Fresh vs Frozen

Kinsey Vandenbark, Staff Writer

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Frozen foods are more convenient and sometimes healthier than fresh foods. Frozen food is ready to cook, requires no prep, and there no risk of losing a finger while chopping away.
Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh ones because they are picked and frozen when optimally ripe. Studies suggest frozen veggies have just as many nutrients (if not more) as their fresh counterparts. In fact, a “market basket” study by UGA found the amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and folates in several frozen fruits and vegetables are greater than their fresh-stored counterparts.
Frozen foods have many benefits, but if they are not thawed properly, they can make people ill. Always thaw the food by placing it in the refrigerator where it is less cold. By doing this, the food is thawed but remains chilled to prevent aggregation, so the food can still be frozen and not have any growing colonies of bacteria.
Thawing food is still a lot easier than preparing a full course meal as soon as you buy it fresh.
Frozen foods are often lower in price and have a greater shelf life than refrigerated foods. Frozen food also offers portion-controlled packaging to manage serving sizes while leaving nothing to waste.  Single-serve pouches and re-sealable packs make it easy for health-conscious consumers to count calories and know complete and exact nutritional information.
Some of the best products in the frozen food aisle are portable, ready-to-eat and offer no-mess preparation and easy cleanup.  All this built-in convenience means time-pressed parents can quickly prepare wholesome and tasty meals that allow for more quality family time around the table.
Fresh is perceived as good and healthy but frozen foods are just as good for you.

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Paws or Claws: Fresh vs Frozen