Paws or Claws: Yes or No to JB P

Alexis Polizzi, Editorial & Opinion Editor

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the recent election. The race between Bruce Rauner and JB Pritzker was one for the books, ultimately leaving Pritzker the new Governor of Illinois. His plans and adaptations for Illinois have shown to be more dominant in this election.
Pritzker expressed his dire concern for the education system during his campaign.
According to his campaign website, Pritzker wants to make early education mandatory in order to clear any educational differences from the board. This is very contrary to former education tax cuts to Illinois education.
This could really change the game in the education system both with the difficulty levels of children. It can also limit the amount of children under in lexile and math scores.
Pritzker also wishes to create more jobs for the Illinois citizens through both agriculture and normal working class jobs.
“My plan will invest in infrastructure so we can make Illinois a place where people want to do business again. It will provide capital and support for small businesses, the number one job creators in our state,” said Pritzker. His plan will hopefully provide even more jobs, and reverse some of the negative economic changes made previously.
Its [Illinois] pension system, serving more than 815,000 public employees and retirees, was tied with Kentucky’s system for the lowest funding ratio among states, at 37.6 percent, according to a 2014 ranking by Pew Charitable Trusts.
Pritzkers plan is to reverse what much of the previous legislators, from education, to jobs. This shows his effective plan for the future of Illinois.
“Illinois is beyond broke. It is the first state in at least eight decades to go without an annual budget, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures,” said Reuters Investigates, a political information website. Even former Governor Bruce Rauner’s team has discussed Illinois’s diminishing financial state.
The state’s unpaid bills could reach $47 billion by 2022, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration has predicted. Pritzker plans to reverse this by the creation of new jobs and inevitably raising taxes.
Although there is no desire for taxes to be raised, a common fact is that, money runs the world. In order to change a disaster rooted in debt, money and time, and effort need to be put into the dilemma. This is Pritzkers plan, to increase taxes over time to allude to a better quality of living.
Pritzker has vocalized his concerns and is currently putting forth a fight to change decades of Illinois financially deteriorating, and this shows his affluence as the new Governor.