Student Spotlight: Lauren Swanson

Emily Manning, Staff Writer

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Many might believe that having a hearing disability can interfere with someone’s life, but Lauren Swanson, sophomore, breaks this belief. Among taking honors classes, Swanson plays on the tennis team and participates in the art club at South.
One thing that many people might not know about Swanson is that she has a unilateral hearing loss.
“Especially in loud congested areas, it’s hard to hear and I have to really focus on and look at somebody’s mouth to hear what they’re saying,” Swanson said.
Tennis has been apart of her life for ten years now and will continue to be, according to her.
“It’s a way to relieve stress and anger,” Swanson said.
Throughout the tennis season, Swanson improves herself and her skills, willing to accept responsibilities when her team needs her.
“She steps up, she was originally second singles and then suddenly, our coaches had to throw her into first and that’s our top position and she just handled it. She did amazing, she won like every match,” Stephanie Anhalt, junior, said.
When it comes to art, Swanson’s innate passion shines through.
“When I was younger I just doodled. Sixth and seventh grade years weren’t really the best years and I just kind of started drawing more, I got better at it, and I was determined to keep practicing, so I did,” Swanson said.
Swanson is currently in Digital Illustrations where she perfects her craft, according to her art teacher.
“Lauren is very hardworking. She puts in extra time on her own, and she has good attention to detail. She always asks questions when needed and is a perfectionist,” art teacher Brooke Twohill, said.
Swanson entered an art show on Nov. 7 held on Oswego’s campus and hoped to receive a scholarship from it.
“You can get scholarships and that really interested me because college is a lot of money and I’m trying to make that inexpensive,” Swanson said.
Unfortunately, Swanson did not receive the scholarship through the art show she said but will continue trying.
Swanson’s friends can agree that she is a determined person in anything she sets her mind to.
Swanson seeks the path of biochemistry post high school.
“I can tell she is a very strong person, she is very strong-willed and that she is going to get her way the way she wants,” Isabella Flores, sophomore, said.
Despite how stressful things may get for Swanson, she is always looking to win.
“I just want to be victorious. If I win something, that boosts up my confidence,” Swanson said.

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