Fine Dining & Breathing: Happy Place Cafe

Juve Angulo, Editorial Cartoonist

For this month’s edition of Fine Dining and Breathing, I got the chance to go t0 Happy Place Café, located in Shorewood just off Jefferson Rd. This is a nice little café with a very nice atmosphere, perfect for a family breakfast or even an environment just to hang out with friends.
At happy place café, I felt very welcome due to the nice waiters and a very wholesome feel. It was nice and warm, and rightfully decorated with fall themed wreaths. The fire place added to the overall vintage look, and my waiter was also very nice, and eager to help us with anything we needed.
Food review
To start off, I ordered a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. My first sip sent me to heaven. This was probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The whipped cream added to the creaminess of this enjoyable, warm beverage, while the chocolate taste sent me through a wave of warm thoughts.
For my meal I ordered a chocolate chip waffle with bananas. The wait time was only about 20-25 minutes. Once my waffle had arrived, I could not wait to give it a try. I noticed immediately just how fluffy the waffle was. It was almost as if I had bit into a cloud. The waffle was topped with fresh bananas, nuts, and whipped cream. I added their warm syrup to my waffle to add more flavor to it. This waffle tasted very good. It had everything I had wanted and more.
Overall, I’d say that Happy Place Café would make anyone happy, with the great food and service, and inexpensive pricing, I’d give Happy Place Café 5/5 stars.

Chocolate chip banana waffle and hot chocolate enjoyed by Juve at Happy Place Cafe on W Jefferson St.