Should we have longer breaks?

Mireya Ruiz, Photography Editor

After sleeping in for two weeks on winter break, most would instantly wish breaks could last longer. What those students don’t realize is sacrifices must be made with wanting extended breaks.

According to Illinois Legal Aid Online, public schools in Illinois are required to complete 176 school days per year. If regulations aren’t met, those schools will lose 1/176th percent of their state funding each day. Each year, the school board constructs a calendar and plans 185 days of school for the year, in order to ensure all students will attend 176 days.

If longer breaks were implemented, they may have to be compensated for longer school days, school on the weekends, or shorter summers.

Students at South express their opinions on the idea.

Senior Jaylah McKinnie believes longer school days would not affect her much.

“I believe it would feel normal with extra periods since I have early release now,” McKinnie said. “Even then I go home and do homework for three hours, so I’m still doing schoolwork the rest of my day anyways.”

McKinnie also prefers a shortened summer for extended breaks throughout the year.

“I wouldn’t mind having a shorter summer because I feel like by the end of summer break I’m ready to go back to school anyway,” McKinnie said.

For students such as McKinnie who are employed, they remain busy and active over break. Longer breaks would be beneficial to make extra money and have the opportunity to have extra time to enjoy themselves.

“My breaks are jammed pack, I focus on working and extra assignments my teachers give me to work on,” McKinnie said. “Currently I don’t have a lot of free time during my breaks, so I don’t feel like I’m getting a break. Having an extended break would give me time to catch up on sleep and spend time with my family.”

Senior William Weng believes lengthened breaks would be unbeneficial.

“If we were to have longer breaks, it would make us less accustomed to school, making it difficult to get used to school again after each break,” Weng said.

The longer the break from school is, the more difficult it is to get used to a normal schedule again.

Longer breaks can be beneficial for some students, but for others a waste of time away from learning.

“Usually I make up my free time with reading,” Weng said. “Other than that, there’s really nothing else I do over break.

School keeps students busy, without it in session some students like Weng are bored without anything to take up their time.

“Even though school is stressful, at least it keeps me occupied,” Weng said.

Students form different beliefs based on their distinct lives. For some students, longer breaks would be an advantage, but for others too much of time.