Student Spotlight: Scott Crabb


Emily Manning, Staff Writer

Age doesn’t determine leadership and Scott Crabb, freshman, fits the mold. Currently, Crabb is a part of the cross-country team this year.
“Scott is one of the leaders on our cross-country team. He’s only a freshman, but he leads by example,” Jason Crowe, cross-country coach and PE teacher, said.
Running is a major passion of Crabb’s, who plans to run for all four years.
“Running is fun, and a lot of my friends run with me,” Crabb said.
Crabb states that one of the hardest things in running is not having practice, but still having to run alone.
One of Crabb’s favorite subjects is English, where his teacher says that he shows leadership even in class.
“He’s the one who will get people back on track. As freshmen they can get kind of squirrelly and its after lunch and towards the end of the day so they are a little bit hype, but he’s the one that will put them back on track and make sure they are getting down what they will need to do,” Kaitlin Mahoney, freshman English teacher, said. “He is very focused and engaged in everything that we do. A lot of the stuff that we do in one honor is brand new to them and some of the stuff can feel overwhelming, but he is never defeated, and he always trusts in the process I’d say.”
In his free time, Crabb enjoys drawing and is even thinking about taking up a career in digital art.
“He is kind of quiet, kind of humble, which is nice, but he is a good young man,” Crowe said.
Everyone has the capability to be a leader.
“Somebody that can grab a whole groups attention and make sure they are doing the right thing,” Crabb said.

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