New year, same you, just better… self-reflection

Alexis Polizzi, Editorial and Opinion Editor

With the new year rolling around, many take time to look back at all the things that were accomplished and the memories surrounding them. Subconsciously, these people are reflecting on the mistakes they made and the resolutions to those problems. This form of self-care is very important to partake in not only for the new year, but as a part of one’s eve day life.
According to N Gen, a website devoted to healthy lifestyles and living, self reflection is defined as careful thought about behaviour and beliefs. This form of meditation is said to be important and has a plethora of mental health benefits.
Self reflection induces a better sense of self-awareness.
“Taking time for self reflection about life leads to greater self-awareness which in turn leads to self-improvement,” said Life Hack, an organization committed to bettering one’s self. “ In addition, having a strong sense of self improves your confidence and level of self-esteem.”
While researching how many people affected by low self-esteem, The Huffington Post said, it was concluded that all 13,000 of their clients had the belief that they were not enough. With low self-esteem as an epidemic, it seems almost like a solution is being handed on a golden platter: self reflection.
Not only can this help any internal pain, it has also been shown to aid in physical pain.
“After four-days of mindfulness meditation training, meditating in the presence of noxious stimulation significantly reduced pain-unpleasantness by 57% and pain-intensity ratings by 40% when compared to rest,” said Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D, in his medical study surrounding the brain and meditation. When the brain is given time to decompress, the body’s triggers seem to desensitize leading to a more relaxing sensation.
Even celebrities in the sports industry have admitted to the benefits of meditation.
According to the Huffington Post in late 2016, the Chicago Bulls participate in pregame meditation, they. Even the communities under the most pressure have the ability to find an inner peace.
The idea that such big personalities have the ability to recognize that self-awareness and reflection is an important lesson confirms that this form of self care should be incorporated into everyday life.
Life’s stresses and triggers can cause both physical and mental inconveniences. The concept of reflecting on past experiences and beliefs leading to more external happiness only reiterates the importance of incorporating a reflective form of self care into daily life.