Senior wins big at art contest

juve angulo, editorial cartoonist

This past month, the University of St. Francis (USF) art competition was held at USF’s campus, where it has been held for the past 11 years. This is a state-wide competition, where hundreds of artists have their art displayed in a showcase and where judges decide on which pieces are among the best.
This year, a few students from South got in some of the top spots. Senior Samaah Kahn won “best in show” and $100 in the statewide competition for her painting “A Progression of Pain.”
“The piece is a series of portraits that represent different stages of someone in some sort of pain,” Kahn said. The piece can be found on Plainfield South’s website.
Kahn has been practicing for a while. “I have always done art” Kahn said, “It’s just something I’ve continued with throughout high school.”
One might imagine the excitement and nervousness going into these kinds of events.
“It was very exciting to have the opportunity to compete at the level it was at,” Kahn said.
Kahn shares words of encouragement and advice for any young artists.
“I think it’s important that young artists at South always find time to pursue their hobby…” she said,”Continue doing art throughout high school and later in life too.”