Staff Spotlight: Brian Paycheck


Ryan Daniels, Online Editor in Chief

This month we take a moment to recognize a teacher new to South, physics teacher Mr. Paychek. It is currently Paychek’s first year at South; Coming from Chicago High School with a degree in Science. He’s previously worked as a floralist for 10 years and decided to put his degree into use shortly after, following his father’s footsteps as a teacher.

“I love how he teachers the class; he’s very hands on especially in this semester,” said Miguel Carrera

Currently Paychek teaches periods honors chemistry and standard course Chemistry for many juniors and seniors at South.

“Besides being a teacher, I have also taught swimming lessons, worked as a lifeguard, was a delivery driver, a florist (arranged flowers not installed floors), a banker, and a tour guide at Argonne National Laboratory,” said Paychek

In his spare time, he travels, does gardening, swims, rides his bike, and likes to read. Paychek used to be in a band; He played xylophone and harmonica.