Synagogue in San Diego becomes one of several targets for shootings in places of worship

Jaida Bell, Staff Writer

According to CNN, on Saturday April 27th, John T. Earnest, a 19 year old, was arrested for a “deadly synagogue shooting” which took place at Congregation Chabad in San Diego. The shooting left several people injured and one person dead.
CNN states that the President Trump spoke to reporters outside the White House this past Saturday and quoted “At this moment it looks like a hate crime, but my deepest sympathies to all those affected and we’ll get to the bottom of it,” Trump said about the shooting at a rally he held.
President of Cal state San Marcos, Karen Haynes states, “We are dismayed and disheartened that the alleged shooter now in custody is a CSUSM student. CSUSM is working collaboratively with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to assist and gain more information.”
Sheriff William Gore stated that Earnest was also being investigated with connection to an arson at a mosque nearby Escondido last month. In the midst of that accident, a fire broke out at 3:15 a.m. on Sunday, March 24 at the Islamic center.
CNN gives insight that “The suspect of that attack left behind a note referencing the terrorists attack at two mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand,” which “killed 50 worshippers in mid-March.”
The congregation’s mayor stated it was “targeted by someone with hate in their heart… towards our Jewish community and that will just not stand.”
The shooting that took place at Chabad of Poway has been recorded as the latest in a series of deadly attacks targeting places of worship. One Religion acknowledges why places of worship are under attack, by stating “It should be no surprise that places of worship are so often the location of attacks. Sacred spaces are sacred for the meanings they hold, which are usually diverse and contested.”
However, this explains why the “symbolic nature of worship, makes them targets for violence.”
In an interview Gore mentioned that “authorities are very much aware of an open letter that was posted online” by 19-year-old John Earnest. Throughout Gore’s interview, it’s briefly spoken on that “detectives are collecting digital evidence and are in the process of reviewing the online content to resolve its validity and authenticity.”
In the open letter, Earnest speaks on him planning his attack and references on other attacks on places of worship.
USA Today makes it known that John Earnest’s family recently released a statement on Monday criticizing Earnest’s actions, distancing himself from the horror he caused and expressing condolences to the people he had harmed in the synagogue in Poway, 20 miles north of San Diego.
“Like our other five children, he was raised in a family, a faith and a community that all rejected hate and taught that love must be the motive for everything we do.”
Earnest’s parents went on to say, “Our son was attracted to such darkness is a terrifying mystery to us, though we are confident that law enforcement will uncover many details of the path that he took to this   evil and despicable act.”