Dead by Daylight dominates horror gaming

Noah Maldonado, Staff Writer

“Dead by Daylight,” an asymmetrical survival-horror game, captures the essence of the horror genre and runs away with it. The game features many classic monsters and movie protagonists like Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, which bring as many interesting concepts to the gameplay as the other Dead by Daylight original killers.
The mechanics and creativity pumped into the lore and content of the game leads to a well-furnished world where anyone can scream their heads off all the while wanting to come back for more.
At the beginning, when one loads the game, a video portraying what would happen in a match plays. Claudette Morel, alongside Dwight Fairfield and Jake Park (survivors) end up facing the Trapper, a killer in “Dead by Daylight.” Their fate isn’t so savory, but the cutscene helps in informing gamers what they’re expecting in the game as the survivors are hooked and scared out of their minds!
Once in the main menu, the player hears music suited to the current DLC (Downloadable Content). The music compliments the immersion of players in the game.
Community sufficiently serves “Dead by Daylight” as it unites players and gives everyone a forum on the Steam client and the official “Dead by Daylight” website to lay down their criticisms and appraisal for the game.
In the community hub for Dead by Daylight on its Steam client, fanart and screenshots of gameplay are constantly posted. The passion for the game is monstrous, whether it’s through the forum or the community hub.
“Dead by Daylight” is a well-furnished and creative game with proper mechanics. For any aspiring player, it is advised to avoid toxicity in-game as it is just a game, and don’t spend money on DLC’s as they’re obtainable through