Q&A with Coach Bielawski

Aidan Evans, Features Editor

Danielle Bielawski

Q. How long have you been coaching?
A. This is my second year here. I’ve been coaching for about eleven years.

Q. How long have you guys been practicing?

A. We had summer league, which took place during July, and so a lot of the girls for varsity have been there. We had try outs the 12th of August, so for about two or three weeks now if you don’t include summer league, six weeks in total.

Q. How’s the team looking right now?

A. We’ve got a lot of young girls, so it’s pretty cool because they’re competing against juniors and seniors right now. We’re trying to build a culture here still. Last year was the foundation year, but I lost six seniors, so we have to get back into growing us. I think that the freshmen are doing a great job with the level of difference. It’s more equal, so I think it’s a very good competition level and if you stay and watch the practice, you’ll see just how competitive it can be. I only have three seniors this year, so they’re really having to show their work and prove that they can hang with us even though they only have one year left. They’re a really big part of our team.

Q. Who are your seniors this year?

A. Lindsey Rock, Tamia Calvin, Savannah Hixon

Q. I know it’s a difficult situation. I know the boy’s tennis team had the same situation last year where they had to pull their freshmen. What have you done to push them to be just as good as anyone else?

A. The good thing is, the reason why I pulled them up is I didn’t need to, but I saw a spark in them. I saw in them that they deserved to play at the top level. The way I coach is that I will always pull the youth up if they’re worthy of it. As a coach I feel like could teach them the rest. They have that “it factor” that coaches can’t teach. I feel like they need to be pulled up and get brushed up more on their talents faster. For my freshman, Maggie Curbis and Emma Malek, they’re proving everything. My outside now will be competing with my star outside. Right now, she’s got the starting spot outside and my freshmen might be my starting libero. I don’t want to pull and waste my time on varsity. I want to pull and make them play. So, I think they’re going to do a great job this year.

Q. You guys face Joliet Central on the 5th. I know they’re a big team to beat in a lot of regards. Is there any concerns you may have when you eventually face them?

A. Honestly, no. It’s a brand-new team. I know we have our rivals, but a lot of teams lost seniors this year, so I think we’re all very similar in that building year. I don’t want them to look too far forwards.