Lot for sale offers many new student opportunities

Ryan Daniels, Online Editor in Chief

Many students at South dream of having more accessible shops and stores near the school, such as fast food restaurants, clothing chains, and more variations of stores. This could soon be a possibility.
Located on the northeast corner of Ridge and Caton Farm lies a vacant lot that sits next to Aldi and Walgreens.
Owned by Caton Commercial, Plainfield’s most dominant Third Party Brokerage Firm founded by Bill Caton in 1984, the vacant lot was first listed on the market approximately eight years ago. The company recently proposed site plans including a retail shop on the far-east, a bank on the far-west, and in between the two, a McDonald’s. Plans remain on the northeast side for two medical buildings and a proposed day care.
This could be a great opportunity for plenty of new businesses to grow. More importantly, students will have easier access to retailers. Off-campus could be within walking distance. Less students could be late to school. Gas money could be saved.
There are a couple concerns if these shops go up. Traffic is already hectic on Caton Farm, and an increase in commuter traffic and buildup may result. This could also make things worse for students at South, as many upperclassmen drive. The news shops could alter the arrival time of students in the morning as well.
However, students can avoid the excess of commuter traffic by taking side streets, such as Theodore Road, which is safer for students who have to make a left turn from Clublands.
The benefits far outweigh the concerns. Hopefully the lot will soon be purchased so students can take advantage of this opportunity.