1.5 million acres burned in worst Australian fires, South crochet club raises $258 in donations for recovery efforts


In response to the Australian wildfires, Crochet club conducted a raffle of two baby Yodas to fundraise for recovery efforts. In total, the club raised $258.

Juve Angulo, Graphics Editor

In late Sept. of 2019, wild bushfires began raging on in the south-eastern part of Australia. This series of bushfires are the worst in decades. according to CNN. Twenty-five people have died in the blaze since, and in the state of New South Wales alone, more than 2000 homes have been destroyed or damaged.
Humans are not the only ones in danger. According to USA Today, the World Wildlife fund in Australia estimates as many as 1.25 native animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies have died, and the numbers are only rising. Stuart Blanch an environmental scientist with the organization, states that “many forests will take decades to recover.” Multiple fires are now merging to form what are being called “megafires,” one measuring 1.5 million acres across, according to the Washington post.
Multiple celebrities, including Jeff Bezos, Chris Hemsworth, and Nicole Kidman have donated money, food, and more basic needs to Australia. Artists like Lizzo, electronic artist Flume, and P!nk have also performed concerts in which all money goes to the cause.
Vanessa Kloska, chemistry teacher at South along with the Southside Stichers, wanted to help out.“
Of everything that we keep on seeing about the wildfires, lots of people make crafts for them but what they really need right now is money, so we decided to do that,” said Kloska.
They made bracelets costing one dollar each or six for five dollars. Kloska also knitted two of ‘The Child’ (baby Yoda) figures to raffle tickets. According to Kloska, as much as two hundred and thirty eight dollars were raised.
Kloska goes on to say that she hopes the students will learn that “every little bit counts” when natural disasters strike.