South wrestling team takes East Division title

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Noah Maldonado, News Editor

This season South’s wrestling team contains powerful wrestlers who continue to build on success.
South won conference after defeating Joliet West on Jan. 9, which granted them the East Division title.
Last year, the wrestlers were regional champions and had 3 state qualifiers. Jason Acevedo, the wrestling team’s head coach, sees potential in more qualifying for state this season.
“We have a lot of individuals that can do well and get to state, so we project potentially five state qualifiers,” Acevedo said.
Acevedo said the team lost a few players this year, but those who remain are as inspired and ready to take on challenges.
“A lot of the sophomores and juniors did not return. The sophomores and juniors that are there, [however], are working to get better,” Acevedo said.
Gia Gercone, the wrestling team manager, thinks the team can do well at State.
“The team is great, and they work really well together,” Gercone said.
The team practices six days a week, and there are double practices on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Acevedo believes the intensive practice is why some students may have not returned.
“It’s a hard sport, there’s a reason why people can’t hack it. It’s both physically and mentally taxing where some sports focus primarily on physical or mental,” Acevedo said.
Jayden McNulty, a new wrestler, believes the team is great, but says they face strenuous exercises to get there.
“[The team has] been pretty decent. The thing that turns people off is the vigorous exercise,” McNulty said.
Acevedo also described the extent of work a wrestler must do.
“Wrestling is the equivalent to having to sprint six to eight minutes without stopping, and yet being able to adjust on the fly,” Acevedo said.

Photo courtesy of Mireya Stoica
The boys wrestling team won conference on Jan. 9, thereafter gaining the East Division Title. Pictured above (from top to bottom) include JV Pablo Epanuceno and varsity Jaylon Edmons wrestling each of their opponents. Photo courtesy of Mireya Stoica.