Girls bowling strives to exceed prior records for south

Ryan Daniels, Online Editor-in-Chief

This season, the Girls’ Bowling team is accompanied with progress, as most girls joined the team at a starting average of 60 and finished the season with a rough average of 130.
Kyle Rohlfs, the head coach of the team, takes immense pride in the team’s effort towards sharpening their skills each game.
“This year the girls have been working hard and doing a lot of drills and other learning skills. Last year we had one girl make it to State and hoping to take the whole team this year,” said Rohlfs.
Outside of bowling, the team fundraises to a yearly trip at a hotel where they can relax and unwind after a season’s completion. They swim, have dinner together, and enjoy celebratory moments together.
“We have been lucky to have two great leaders this year. They are both captains of the team. Savannah Magruder and Laura Rohlfs also compete outside of school and travel all over to do so. Last year they both were in Detroit for the Jr Gold Championships and this year they will be going to Las Vegas,” said Rohlfs.
“The girl’s bowling team works very hard and seeing them grow together as a team is really cool,” said Gavin Cielinski, a senior who’s updated regularly on the team.
Although Rohlfs wishes he could teach young bowlers before high school, he proudly creates bonds with new bowlers to establish a family-like team.
“We are unfortunate that we do not have middle school program for bowling that starts to teach the kids how to bowl early so when they come to high school they have all the skills they need to start and just need to learn how to do better,” said Rohlfs.
Rohlfs loves teaching new members of the team the basics as well as perfecting current players skills. He updates the team’s facebook page regularly, posting pictures and updates on the team’s current scores.