Cougar News Network will launch in March


Photos by Aidan Evans

Cougar Culture wishes to extend its communications from announcements over the intercom to videos broadcasted in classrooms. Stephen Leclair's video production club alongside the help of other students and staff will produce the newscasts.

Aidan Evans, Features Editor

Cougar Culture is at it again with wanting to bring the community together at South. Nick Herrera thought the idea for a news station might help students and staff embrace a positive environment, and the Cougar News Network was invented, which was started February 19.
Every Wednesday during announcements—with the help of John Miller, Caroline Butler, Brooke Twohill and Stephen Leclair’s video production club—the Cougar Culture Club will have video newscasts instead of the regular verbal announcements over the intercom.
Leclair’s video production club will be responsible for filming, editing, and the overall production that goes into the videos.
“We do the score table in the gym,” said Leclair. “We also take care of the athlete gifs and player introductions.” Junior Will Vinson said that he would like to have big plays from sports games.
“Any clubs we can take videos of, as well for band and choir performances,” Vinson said.
The video production club will edit and produce videos over school events and other things throughout the school’s community.
“I’m the head camera person,” said Vinson. “If Leclair is the president, then I would be the vice president, I guess.”
“Cougar News is something we’re trying to put together to try and increase communication for students in the school,” said Nick Herrera. “One of the biggest things that we lack is that we have a lot of really cool things we do in school. We’ve always noticed that we fall short in communication.”
Students in the less publicized clubs have expressed their frustrations with the lack of recognition for their competitive clubs, and Cougar Culture will attempt to tackle that issue.
The anchors—Sam Pardo, senior, Muneeb Malik, senior, Delaney O’Sullivan, sophomore, and Ella Hornberger, junior—will be filmed talking about different topics, bringing a fresh look to the typical morning announcements.
“I think it’s an exciting opportunity,” O’Sullivan said. “It’s a fun and different way to bring news to the staff and students.”