Q&A with Mackenzie Reyes, one of the captains of the dance team

Ryan Daniels, Online Editor-in-Chief

Q: How did the team do this season?
A: “We did amazing this season!!! We placed first at Lockport’s competition, second at conference, second at sectionals, and 16th out of 30 dance teams for state!! Overall, it was a wonderful season and I’m very proud of all our accomplishments.”

Q: What are some challenges/teams you are looking out for this season?
A: “Some challenges we faced this season was the lack of time in-between competitions, but we pulled through with extra practices and managed to give it our all ever time we hit the floor!”

Q: When is your next meet?
“Technically our season is done February 21st, so we don’t have any more meets or competition.”

Q: What other information should we be aware of?
“Next up for the dance team is our event on May 1st, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium called Dancing with the Cougars!! If you wanted to create a team and compete against others in a heated dance battle, see Coach Fisher in room 102!”