3/23/20 COVID-19 pandemic & Dow Jones recap

Noah Maldonado, News Editor

In Illinois, there are 1285 confirmed cases of COVID-19 per the Illinois Department of Health. There are 24 cases in Will County and four cases in Kendall County. Approximately 9,868 people have been tested for the virus within the state.
Nationwide, there are approximately 44.000 cases of COVID-19. Over 460 people have died from the virus.
Globally, there are 378,700 cases of COVID-19. As of now, among the countries impacted, Italy is at 63,927 cases; Iran is at 23,049 cases; Spain is at 35,136 cases; Germany is at 29,056 cases; and France is at 20,123 cases. 16,505 have died, and over 100,500 have recovered so far.
The Dow Jones fell -582 points, putting it below 19,000 points. Overall, the market is at 18,592 points.