Bad Boys Are Back

Aidan Kolb, Staff Writer

The Bad Boys are back after a long awaited 17 years since the sequel was released in 2003. The popular movie series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence didn’t fail to disappoint with new directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arib bringing their A-game, as the film received ratings exceeding Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. Not to mention the surprise appearance from DJ Khalid.
The film starts like every Bad Boys movie does, Mike Lowry (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) racing through the streets of Miami in some flashy sports car on a mad cop chase or in this case on a race to the hospital to see Marcus’ grandchild. As long time partners, Mike and Marcus are getting old for the “Bad Boys” lifestyle they have been doing for years, but when Marcus announces retirement Mike wants to keep the boys, who aren’t boys anymore, together. Yet, Mike’s past catches up to him as the so called bulletproof cop if fighting for his life after a new enemy seeks revenge. Mike and Marcus, with the help of a new younger and more professional squad, take one last ride together as they try to clear up Mike’s past. With special effects that are second to none and a storyline that is action packed, it will keep viewers on the edge of your seat. Try to take you out of formal writing.
Overall the film is quite long, as most Bad Boys movies are, at two hours and four minutes, but with the action packed storyline and cometic relief the movie is well worth it. Smith and Lawrence didn’t fail to disappoint with their, “we ride together or we die together” bromance and great sense of humor. Throughout the film, they are seen driving around Miami in Mike’s fancy blue Porsche as Marcus is about to throw up in the passenger seat and through some humor as they drive by a crowd of white people and say, “We’re not just black! We’re cops, too” “We’ll pull ourselves over later!” Not to mention the new squad of crime fighters who bring their own unique twist to the movie series that we plan to possibly see again as there are hints at possibly another Bad Boys movie.
If you love action packed comedies, I would highly recommend watching the Bad Boys movies, with Bad Boys For Life being the best of the three so far. Lets just hope we don’t have to wait another 17 years for the next one.