Senior Goodbye

Aidan Evans, Features Editor

If you told me back in freshman year that I needed to cherish my moments in high school, I’d probably roll my eyes. I never thought this far ahead, it’s always been one day at a time for me, but now I’m doing my last week of high school. I’d to just say thank you.

Thank you, Zoe Espinosa, for being my friend in freshman year. For hanging with me during the summer when neither of us had anything to do. I was new to the neighborhood and the school and you really made me feel like I belonged.

Thank you, Joseph Galon, for basically being the same person as me in our sophomore year, and for continuing to be one of my best friends. For letting me destroy you in Magic and Smash, for leading our trumpet section this year, and for spinning expensive glowsticks with me. Happy Birthday, by the way.

Thank you, Ben Johnson, for being on the speech team with me, for driving 20 minutes at 10 pm when I forgot my keys at home. For letting me stay over because I lived too far, and for helping me move into my new house. I could not ask for a better friend, and I am so glad you’ve been there for me.

Thank you, Breanna Watermolen, for eating a chicken with me on the way home from Monticello. For enduring marching band with me, and for making 1st-period band totally worth it. For making our stupid handshake that I look forward to every time I see you.

Thank you to Ms. Butler, Mrs. Smith, to my band directors, my speech coaches, and Mrs. Testen. I know I’m not always the best student, and I have a word limit so I can’t give each of you your own paragraph, but all of you impacted my life in a way I can’t even put into words. Thank you so much for just being, amazing.

I really don’t like saying goodbye. High School hasn’t always been the best for me. I definitely struggled to find my footing for a while, but even those who aren’t mentioned are helped me significantly along the way. Though the ending is bittersweet, I couldn’t have asked for a better high school career.