Delaney’s View: The Presidential Debate

Delaney O'Sullivan, News Editor

On September 29 President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden went head to head at the first  of three presidential debates. 

This debate was absolutely embarrassing to the country and made a mockery of the election process as a whole. 

Trump did not appeal to what he base wanted to hear, instead he talked over Biden in hopes it would not allow for Biden to get a word in. He also bullied Biden, implying that he was stupid, made fun of his dead son, Beau Biden, and made fun of his other son, Hunter Biden’s, past drug addiction. 

When given the chance to speak, Biden tried to maintain classy and presidential, however, he did give into Trump tomfoolery calling him a clown, telling him to shut up, and making the claim that Trump was “the worst president the United States had ever seen.” 

Over the course of the debate, Trump interrupted Biden 57 times. On the other hand, Biden interrupted Trump 29 times.

When asked to denounce white supremacy, Trump did not. In fact, he told a neo fascist group called the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” The group took that as an endorsement and posted the quote on their website later the next day. 

At the debate, Biden said that he did not support the Green New Deal, a comprehensive plan to address economic inequality and climate change. This contradicts his campaign’s official website as it claims he does support the Green New Deal. 

Over all, this debate was the worst, most unprofessional debate the American people have ever seen. Trump’s strategy to constantly interrupt Biden accomplished absolutely nothing and was a disservice to the American people. How can we make the decision of who to vote for if one candidate is spewing nonsense and the other is not able to give his opinion? They should just mute Trump’s mic next time.