Pandemic continues, so do earnest consumers

Jeremiah White, Staff Writer

Due to the increased popularity of online shopping, going to the mall during a pandemic is proving not as exciting as it seems. Malls across the country and in Illinois are closing primarily because shops are closing and there is a low rate of customers. Stores that stay open have rules for patrons to follow.
Alycia Borkorm, Dry Goods employee in the Louis Joliet Mall, chimed in with her experience working during a pandemic.
“It’s pretty easy. We take a lot of precautions like wearing masks, cleaning dressing rooms, and cleaning pin pads after they’re done being used,” Borkorm said.
Borkorm also states they enforce mask policy and emphasizes their attempts at providing as sanitary an environment as possible.
Jaylah McKinnie, a Dry Goods worker, explains how work is more challenging, though the environment remains pleasant.
“It is more difficult than not working during the pandemic, but I’ve adapted to it,” McKinnie said. “The environment is pretty nice and chill, so I like that.”
The mall enforces mask wearing and staying six feet away from others when entering the complex. Jacob Fillmore, a regular customer at the mall, shares why he keeps going to the mall during the global health crisis.
“There’s a lot of stores here, [and] I come here a lot. It’s a good social place to gather, talk to friends, and have a good meal,” Fillmore said.
Fillmore also added he follows COVID protocol by wearing a mask and maintains distance between anyone in his direction.
People’s favorite stores at the mall also seem to keep them coming. Victoria Young, a customer, explained why the mall was a better option for her.
“There’s a variety of stores. What I’m looking for is at the mall, especially when it comes to clothing,” Young said.
Similar to Fillmore, Young also follows CDC guidelines closely wherever she goes in the mall.
As the pandemic continues, loyal customers continue to shop at the mall. While there might be obstacles with health guidelines during the pandemic, customers still find a way to enjoy the times.