Vaccinations: a measure to protect the public, target of conspiracy

James McNulty, Staff Writer

Since as long as we have known of human history, deadly illness has plagued villages and cities alike. Even in today’s society, these sicknesses continue to pester the world .
Extending from 2020 to 2021, a state of panic swept over the world with the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. This fear and panic is for the most part well justified, given the unpredictable threat it poses to everyone, especially the elderly and loved ones. Now, due to globalization, the danger of pandemics is more glaring than ever.
This has required greater measures to be taken in order to resist the spread. Though inconveniencing everyday life people have grown used to, there’s a need for steps like wearing a mask and social distancing. Through more research and development of preventative measures and drugs, effective vaccines promise a COVID-reduced future.
The COVID vaccine, primarily Moderna and Pfizer, have developed a solution to immunity against the prevalent virus, even if it may induce minor symptoms. Therefore, it should be treated as a necessary step to containing COVID, just as wearing a mask is. With theories as outrageous as scifi-esc trackers, or baseless rumors of the vaccine’s long term effects, according to Plos One, the stigma of the vaccine has been proven to be overall misleading or completely false as well.
There is not a high risk of complications for those who take the vaccine, nor is the vaccine deep or painful as often depicted in media. There have been minimal complications from the two mainstream vaccines, and these cases have also been exaggerated and made to seem more common than what has been proven.
In conclusion, the measures Americans have taken since early March of 2020 to contain COVID-19 will continue to be necessary until the virus is eradicated, but the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have provided a way for all citizens to contribute to our nation’s safety from the ongoing pandemic with only two jabs.