Q&A with Coach Jason Crowe

Grant Swanson, Staff Writer

Interviewer: “Have you seen a difference in the team culture this year compared to other years?”

Crowe: “Yes, I would say it is more of a group. Ironically going into right after covid, it seems like it is a tighter group, it is a smaller group so maybe that helps a little bit with the numbers being a little bit smaller, but I think just going into the hunt invitational everybody was really focused on accomplishing their goals and taking care of their own personal events for their teams good.”

Interviewer: “Has COVID affected the team’s practice in any way?”

Crowe: “Definitely, wearing masks is obviously the biggest thing that stands out. We have broken up our team as well. Instead of doing a lot of things together, we are more in event groups, so you see three different groups as we break off after attendance. We do that to keep groups separate in case there is a shutdown, that just comes as recommendation from the school district and our athletic department.”

Interviewer: “At the hunt, were there any events that stood out to you the most?”

Crowe: “I am always biased because I coach distance runners, but I think the mile, the way the guys stepped up and took second, third, and fourth. It was impressive. The 4*800 was a pleasant surprise too because obviously our competition has a very good team. Going on over to the field events too, long jump and triple jump we have some young jumpers that did extremely well. I think one thing that really stood out was Tyler Schultz in the 110 High Hurdles, that event was cool. A pleasant surprise and the reason I say surprise is we have not seen guys compete in over 13 months so its really up in the air when you get to that first big meet.  The one thing I really enjoyed, and I said this to the team afterward was Chris Garrett, even though he took 5th place in the 200m, he was so excited and happy for his teammate Brian Stanton who won the event. He was happier than Brian was and that just shows you how of a selfless group that we have.”

Interviewer: “What would you say you pride most about your team/teams’ culture?”

Crowe: “Always the hard work ethic. Some years we are not that talented, some years we are extremely talented, but the thing that we always try and instill in our young men is a good old fashioned work ethic that will translate and carry them throughout their lives. That is something we try and teach them in track and sometimes people say you do too much of this, you guys do not do that, your workouts are too long. I understand and respect those opinions, but it all goes back one thing we always want guys to take away with their experience is a good work ethic that will hopefully improve and build why they are here.”