Review of Dwight Yoakam concert


Delaney O'Sullivan

Dwight Yoakam performs in front of a live audience in August

Delaney O'Sullivan, Editor in Chief

After over a year of strict restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, concerts have begun once again. On Aug. 22, the Joliet Rialto Square Theater hosted country singer Dwight Yoakam to perform. 

Known for  his honky-tonk style that can be heard in songs such as “Fast as You” and “I’m a Honky Tonk Man,” Yoakam’s performance was exciting and fun to see. 

The crowd was particularly excited to hear “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” performed as everyone jumped to their feet at the sound of the first few chords. Among playing his own original songs, he also performed covers of songs like “Suspicious Minds” and “Little Sister” by Elvis Presley. 

In between songs, Yoakam told stories and experiences he has had in his many years of performing. He reminisced as he spoke of the world before COVID-19 became an international crisis and celebrated being able to perform once again. He shared his experiences in the past at other shows and how happy he is to be back on the road.

Yoakam has a very unique style, not only in his music but in his attire as well. Sporting a cowboy hat, boots, and jean jacket with rhinestone fringe, he looked the part of the rockstar. Yoakam performed with an energy that can only come from truly being immersed in the music. Playing guitar, singing, and dancing on stage, Yoakam had the crowd cheering for “Encore!” at the end of the night. 

Not many masks were seen at the venue as it wasn’t a mandate. There was no social distancing either and proof of vaccination was not required, although that is something that is becoming more common at venues.

This was a very entertaining experience and Yoakam is a fantastic live performer. Anyone who loves classic country music should definitely see him in concert.