Review of “Boyfriends!”


Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

Webtoon is one of the most popular webcomics franchises and for everyone who reads Webtoons, even for those who don’t, it’s been no secret that the Webtoon app has been spamming people with ads. One of the most recently released cartoons you may have seen advertised is “Boyfriends!” written and illustrated by Refrainbow . The consent advertisement can cause the audience to think “Yeah what’s up with that, I’m seeing it everywhere.” 

Having read Boyfriends long before it was put on Webtoon as an original and recommending it to so many people whenever “Boyfriends” was update , it always seemed to brighten up my mood with wholesome content and wonderful gay representation. The story follows four college students; Jock, Nerd, Goth, and Prep who are based on their respected archetypes. It’s a slice of life story revealing how these 4 boys fall in love. The first episode starts off with Prep whining about how alone he is while walking Goth to school. Goth takes this opportunity to show Prep up by instantly picking up a cute boy who is known as Nerd.  Then after a long line of misunderstandings and an honest talk, Prep and Jock start dating too. But what do they do when both couples are crushing on each other?But don’t worry this will be answered in upcoming episodes. 

The Creator, Refrainbow, has also written and drawn a Tapas, another webcomic site, which is titled “The Wolf and the Hungry Boy” and a short story titled “Argo Nautic” even so, “Boyfriends” is Refrainbow’s most popular work yet. Refrainbow started drawing the characters and posting them to Twitter which then evolved into a story about character archetypes dating over time. Refrainbow is a gay man himself so if you want to support some queer content creators this is your guy. At the end of the day, I think reading “Boyfriends” is a great way to learn about different kinds of relationships. It is also just fun to read about a cute gay polyamory.