PSHS K-Pop club to begin hosting meetings

Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

K-Pop is one of the fastest growing music genres in America with about 29.4 percent of respondents in the United States reported that K-Pop is very popular In 2019. South decided to get on board and start a K-Pop club.

According to the students who attended the first meeting, senior leader Ayanna Armenta was very nice leading the meeting  and was vocal about the K-Pop club’s attendance. 

The leaders Armenta, Cassandra Torres, and Emily Gutierrez utilize the new K-Pop club as a way to meet people who share similar interests. At the first meeting, students reviewed what activities they might cover over the year. 

“So far it looks exciting,” said freshman Ally Walker.   

“K-Pop clubs are fun, and you should try and come to a meeting and see what we are about,” said Autumn Warren.   

The K-Pop Club is Lead by Mrs. Romero who meets in room 122 after school till 3:15 on Thursdays.