Spiritualism at Plainfield South


Isabelle Davis

Moon water is used in many Pagan and other spiritual practices. By leaving water in moonlight, it is believe to absorb properties only the moon can give.

Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

It appears that witches and Paganism have been overlooked at Plainfield South.

A small group of students identify themselves as witches in this building, but they are not the stereotypical devil worshiping, voodoo-doll obsessing kind seen in movies. According to them, they are simply normal people expressing themselves as the earth and spirits.

 Some practice with crystals, tarot cards, and pendulums (small objects attached to thread or a metal chain used to talk to spirits or gods). Students claim their spirituality helps them get in touch with themselves, the earth, and other spirits. 

Paganism, the religion witches practice, is a Polytheism religion, meaning the worship of more than one god. 

“You can literally worship whatever gods you want; now most people worship Norse or Greek gods, but I know other witches who worship the Christan god, so you can be Christan and a witch,” said Burgy Smith student witch at South,  

Witches can read the Bible and worship Jesus and aspects of Christianity as well. The reactions and judgment students have had to the witches of the school are based on the lack of information about who and what they worship. 

 A lot of the witches at South said they got mostly negative responses when telling people about their practice. 

“When I told my best friend about it she was very put off because the bible is against it. But it’s just about crystals and the earth, and god and the earth, and like it’s not like I’m doing curses or anything so it really shouldn’t matter,” said another anonymous witch at South.

Even though witches get a bad reputation in the media, there are still some communities on Tik Tok like “#witchtok”, “#witchcommunity”, “#norsepagan”, and “#witchythings”  for those that would like to learn more about Paganism and witch practices.