The Paw Print gives fall play “The Importance of Being Earnest” a five-star review

Isabelle Davis, Staff Writer

The Importance of being Earnest is a play written by Oscar Wilde about freedom, questionable  love, and the importance of being honest. 

The play follows Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff who both use the name of Earnest to impress their lovers. Jack Worthing  pretended to have a little brother named Earnest to be able  to sneak out of the country and be Earnest Worthing in the city. When Algernon Moncrieff finds out, he decides to go to Jack’s estate in the country to seduce Jack’s ward, Cecily Cardew. Now, there’s this confusing Earnest mess that has led both Jack and Algernon into a heap of trouble when their lovers will only love a man who is named Earnest. 

“The production of a play depends on the actors and the crew members. The crew did a lot of work making the sets and the environment for the play, jobs are really based on what Mr. M tells you but it’s usually painting or construction”. Kathreyn Vandelinde says

The crew is a crucial part to a fantastic play production and the Importance of being Earnest PSHS crew did a wonderful job of carrying play. 

The actors did a great job of engaging the audience with their performance. They went through days and days of memorizing lines and re-running acts and fancy costume changes throughout tech week. 

“This year, for PSHS’ production of “The Importance of Being Earnest”, a typical tech week rehearsal will start with the cast getting microphones and costumes, the cast and crew then go to places and we run through the show starting with Act 1, and running all the way till Act

3,” said Carter Myers

Myers played Jack Worthing in the production and did an outstanding performance and has been involved with theatre since middle school.  

“I operated the spotlight for the stage crew in Drauden Point’s production of “Alice in

Wonderland” [because] I had always been very interested in theatre. When I first got

into high school, I decided to audition for “Clue” and I made it on ensemble. I just kept

going from there on,” said Myers 

Jack Worthing, being written from another time, would require an actor from today to  channel an 1894 character 

“”There are a lot of things that I like about playing Earnest. He is a very simple but complicated character. His demeanor changes throughout the show, and he is just overall very entertaining to portray, the British accent as well; it is very fun,” Myers said.

It takes a lot of dedication to work on a play, yet they do it for the audience to enjoy and for their love of theater.

“The last thing I will add is that everyone should attend all of PSHS’ future theatrical productions! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!,” said Cater Myers.