Dating In The Pandemic

Thoughtful Gift Giving

I feel like our generation is a lot more materialistic with our lovers in a thoughtful way. When we go out and buy gifts, whether it be something thats super cheap or crazy expensive, it’s always something thoughtful. My friend told me today that her brother bought his girlfriend a $100 squishmallow that was scented like blueberries. Although $100 may be a bit overboard I think that it’s the thought that truly counts. I’ve heard so many stories of people making things for their partners that is straight from the heart. Couples now a days are creative with their gifts, whether its scrapbooks, Spotify playlists, or a simple list of things they love about eachother. I think this type of gift giving that is coming out of our generation is truly endearing and should carry into adulthood. It’s not the cost that matters, it’s the thought behind it.