The Feminine Mold

The Public’s Treatment of Teenage Girls

There is just about nothing that irritates me more than the way society treats teenage girls. Yeah, yeah, you’ve probably heard women complain about this a million times, but it’s true – think back to when Twilight first blew up, or when One Direction was most popular. Most people would laugh at the concept of their wild fans. The constant? Teenage girls.

Teenage girls are usually painted out as boy-crazy, obsessive, and stupid. They’re seriously infantilized in general, but nothing is more annoying than everyone just assuming we do everything because we’re stereotypically attracted to men. It’s even worse when you consider that men don’t have the same issues. I mean, I can’t even be genuine friends with a guy with a girlfriend. Who isn’t me! And I don’t want it to be!

Society doesn’t see teenage girls as actual humans, just a punching bag they can rely on for bullying when they can. Teenage girls like things and get made fun of for simply liking it. But no comments to a man for his obsession with a sports team? Because it’s “manly”? And yet, teenage girls get made fun of for liking sports, too.