The Feminine Mold

International Women’s Day

I had a different prompt for today, but it is International Women’s Day, so I felt that was more important to discuss.

Something that truly irritates me are the people who don’t understand why we have days or months or weeks to represent groups that were oppressed. For example – Black History Month, Pride Month, and of course, International Women’s Day.

A lot of people insist that we should have an International Men’s Day, or a Straight Pride Month, or a White History Month. What these people don’t understand is why we need these holidays of representation in the first place. Every other day is International Men’s Day! Every other month is White History Month! These holidays are meant to recognize those who are underrated and dismissed by society.

It’s important today that we honor the women around us and the women who came before us. This day includes all women, even those who the world claims “is not woman enough” or those who do not fit the stereotypical woman role. This means everyone. Make sure to pay extra attention.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful and unique people reading this!