The Feminine Mold

Mental Compliments for Introverts

Over time, I’ve found myself going out of my way to make mental compliments to the women I see or pass – like in the hallway or out in public. I don’t have the confidence to say anything to them, so instead I’ll just think “wow, I love her hair”, or “her outfit is so cute today!” I have people in the hallway I love passing everyday – like this one girl who has bright blue hair, because her outfits are always so cute, or this other girl with curtain bangs, who has the best makeup I’ve ever seen in real life. If I’m not gonna talk to them, I might as well have those positive thoughts. It’s a nice habit I’ve created, because a lot of the time, women are pitted against each other. But I think practicing even the subtlest kindness and support for other women has made me a genuinely nicer person. It sort of undoes the competition mindset that typically gets forced on us.